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Work offshore (at sea): ships; offshore structures; behind the scenes on being seafarer and offshore worker

Darbs Jūrā, Martin Damboldt ,

Atlas Professionals is actively recruiting candidates who want to develop or continue their career in energy industry niches such as:

  • Construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms;
  • Construction and maintenance of ports and waterways;
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of offshore oil and gas structures.

The company promotes development by linking companies from the energy and marine industries with existing and future professionals of the industry, as well as by uniting teams from all over the world.

On a daily basis company is:

  • Advising candidates on career development opportunities;
  • Providing overview of vacancies in the energy and marine industries;
  • Assisting in career development plan creation through available training and educational programs.

This is a great opportunity to achieve your goal and get a job that is challenging, rewarding and provides extensive international opportunities.

Benefits of working in offshore energy industry

Work offshore is active and provides professional development.

Combined energy & marine niche has several advantages:

  • Modern industry;
  • Growth opportunities;
  • An interesting job;
  • Ability to travel while performing work duties;
  • Very good salary;
  • Cheerful colleagues;
  • A dynamic environment to promote self-growth.

The seafarer’s profession has always been respected and admired, as it provides opportunities that are otherwise unimaginable: exploring the world, promoting accountability of own skills and results, and getting reasonably paid.

What you need to know if you want to work offshore

In order to work offshore (at sea), you need to have maritime or other type of technical education for the respective position onboard a ship or an offshore structure. This education, combined with experience at sea also opens opportunities for career development ashore.

Work offshore is definitely not monotonous and boring. It grants you active involvement, self-challenge and professional development. The daily routine requires challenge acceptance and results are determined by the:

  • Knowledge of the employee;
  • Talents and ambitions of the specialist;
  • Willingness to learn.

The company has collected the Heroes stories from the candidates and clients to inspire, encourage and appeal to everyone who is ready to accept this challenge - to work offshore.

If you are ready for a new challenge in this area, look for it at Atlas Professionals!