Bankruptcy of private persons

For the reason of low income, building or buying housing, buying a car due to own accumulation is almost impossible. The most common way to solve the problems is take a mortgage loan or leasing in the bank. Currently, the banking sector offers plenty of attractive credit programs for the population in terms of buying cars and housing in new buildings or in the secondary market of real estate. The advantage of mortgage loan is the ability to move and live in the new housing right after the registration on the mortgage; however, it is necessary to consider that the housing acts as pledge according to such transaction.

If the loan is issued, it is worth remembering that there is always a risk that paying a monthly fee would be impossible, because of job loss or other unforeseen circumstances. In other words, if the client becomes insolvent, then the bank can impose fines and collect a subject of pledge through the court. Quite often collected percent on a mortgage accrued by the bank grow to the considerable sum, and the market value of the apartment or the car, realized after collection, cannot cover the full amount of the debt. In the end, the client of the bank is not only left without housing, but also gets to debt dependence for many years.

What to do in this situation? There is a solution!

In accordance with the insolvency Law of Latvia, the debtor-private person may apply to the court to begin insolvency process, if he is not able to repay its debt obligations, which term of performance has already come, and size of which is at least 5 000 EUR, or deadline to the debt obligations will occur within one year and the size of which is 10 000 EUR.

If the court makes the positive decision and will declare the insolvency process of a private person:

  • The insolvency process consists of two successive stages: procedure of bankruptcy and the procedure for repayment of obligations of the debtor.
  • During the process of bankruptcy, the issues concerning the existing property of the debtor will be resolved.
  • In the process of repayment of the obligations, the debtor will repay part of its debt obligations to creditors according to his financial capabilities.
  • At the end of the process of repayment, if the conditions for insolvency are met, all debt liabilities of a debtor will be repaid. 
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