Sea buckthorn — berries for health, beauty and a magical flavour

Cranberries, garlic, lemon, honey. These are one of the most popular products that people use to boost their immune system and fight various colds. Often sea buckthorn will be forgotten and not included in this list, however, this is uncalled for — sea buckthorn should be considered to be an herb with many healing properties. Both sea buckthorn berries and leaves are used for the production of food additives and products. Likewise, due to its valuable properties, sea buckthorn is actively being used in pharmacy and for manufacturing beauty products.

What health problems can be treated with the help of sea buckthorn?

People already appreciated the medicinal properties of sea buckthorn back in ancient Greece, ancient China and Tibet. In those times healers used sea buckthorn mainly for treating digestive tract, liver and skin diseases. In time, it was discovered that sea buckthorn oil has healing properties as well. It is still being used to reduce pain and inflammation. Sea buckthorn fruit contain a large amount of antioxidants, therefore they are sometimes used for preventive treatment of tumours. Sea buckthorn is actively being used in cases of endocrine gland illnesses and for treating cardiovascular, respiratory, ear, throat, nose, liver, kidney, genital, joint, gum, stomach and intestinal diseases.

Sea buckthorn for boosting the immune system

Consuming sea buckthorn juice is considered as one of the most effective means for boosting the immune system. This juice contains up to seven times more vitamin C than a lemon. Likewise, sea buckthorn juice contains provitamin A, vitamin E, as well as various trace elements, minerals and fatty acids. Another positive aspect of sea buckthorn juice is its amazing taste. The juice will be a favourite among children and adults alike.

Sea buckthorn in cooking

Sea buckthorn is a popular ingredient in cooking. Sea buckthorn experts "Amberfarm” have collected great and proven recipes on how to use sea buckthorn in cooking. Sea buckthorn will work well in main courses and desserts.

Healthy, tasty products made from sea buckthorn

SIA (LLC) "Amberfarm” has been cultivating sea buckthorn in Smiltene county for a substantial amount of time now. The company cultivates these healthy berries by following the principles set by the integrated farming guidelines. This means that each stage of cultivation is heavily monitored. “Amberfarm” has been registered as an integrated farming company since 2015. In 2017, SIA (LLC) "Amberfarm” became a member of the Latvian Orchardman Association. The company currently offers the following sea buckthorn products for purchase:

-         100% Sea Buckthorn Juice

-         Pasteurized Sea Buckthorn Juice

-         Sea Buckthorn Jam

-         Frozen Sea Buckthorn Berries

-         Sea Buckthorn Syrup

-         Sea Buckthorn Spice Mix

-         Candied Sea Buckthorn Berries

-         Sea Buckthorn Sweets

-         Sea Buckthorn Jelly Sweets "Robīši”

-         Candied Sea Buckthorn Berries

-         Sea Buckthorn Sweets

-         Sea Buckthorn Oil


The products produced by SIA (LLC) "Amberfarm” can be purchased at sales points all over Latvia, as well as at the company's factory shop in Smiltene county.

Master class at the sea buckthorn factory

The representatives of SIA (LLC) "Amberfarm" have created master classes and guided tour programmes for those who have an in-depth interest in cultivating sea buckthorn. These guided tours consist of a trip around "Amberfarm” plantations and lectures delivered by knowledgeable guides. A tasting of the delicious sea buckthorn products is also organised during the tour, as well as the chance to prepare something healthy from sea buckthorn with your own hands. Guided tours specifically intended for children are also available.