What do happy families and healthy children eat?

A proper and a balanced diet is very important for everyone in the family to feel well and happy. A healthy eating regime and choosing appropriate products are the main factors that will help to keep both, grownups and children, in good shape and content with their life.

What is a healthy eating regime like?

  •    For children, a foreseeable and a planned day regime is important, therefore, it is preferable to plan not only sleeping times, but mealtimes as well, and to follow that schedule.
  •   It is not for nothing that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, because that is what it is.
  •   The whole family should eat together, at least during breakfast and dinner, because the time spent with your loved ones helps to form tighter emotional bonds.
  • Products with a high nutritional value are included in the diet, prioritising seasonal vegetables, roots, fruit and berries.
  •  Salt and sugar should be used sparingly during cooking — it is better to experiment with herbs and fruit or berries as a sweetener.

Why do children have to eat porridge?

  •  Preparing porridge is not time-consuming, but it gives a sense of satiety and provides the body with good fuel so it could operate productively up until lunchtime.
  •  The diversity of porridge, both, in the choice of grains and condiments, guarantees that it will not become boring and even the most demanding eater will be able to find his favourite one.
  •  The nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in porridge provide the things necessary for a child to grow up healthy and develop properly.

What is Little Bear Porridge?

Little Bear Porridge is an ecological, a 100% natural product of Latvia developed in collaboration with the derived public person (APP) "Dārzkopības institūts". It can be consumed by children, starting from the age of 6 months. The raw materials used in the product come from ECO farms, and it is a perfect source of minerals and vitamins since it contains a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Various ingredient combinations are available to choose from depending on your preferences:

The porridges are also available in a convenient, to-go packaging with a spoon, in which the porridges are ready in 3 minutes after being poured with hot water. The creamy beet soup and the creamy pumpkin soup are, too, available in the same packaging, and these will be a great alternative to purees.

Also available on offer are natural dried herbs — garlic powder, onion powder and parsley powder. These will be perfect for substituting salt by giving the food a good flavour.