Why call a tow truck instead of calling a friend?


Everyone may be in a situation where your car needs roadside assistance: battery discharge, car breakdown, as well as in a cold season, traffic accidents, getting stuck in a ditch. Undoubtedly, these situations are usually very unpleasant and can be very stressful, especially for the first time.

None of these cases is expected or desirable and the first reaction may be to first call a loved one for advice and emotional support as well as possible help. However, it is advisable to turn to a tow truck as a matter of urgency, which will provide professional support and immediate roadside assistance. You can complain to a friend over the phone while waiting for the tow truck to arrive!

Some reasons to reach out to a professional instead of calling a friend:

  • Professional tow truck service can respond quickly and without panic! It may take a long time for a friend's help, and it can be chaotic or overly emotional.
  • The tow truck works 24 hours a day, so even when your friends are sleeping sweetly.
  • A good car towing service will ensure the evacuation of the car from anywhere in Latvia as well as from the nearest abroad. You will hardly find an acquaintance who is ready to go and bring you back from Lithuania or Estonia!
  • Only a professional tow truck will have access to the necessary technical equipment and vehicles, including jeeps, for transporting low and sports cars.
  • By calling the professionals with the proper equipment, you will not expose your friend’s car to the risk of being damaged, for example by pulling the car out of the ditch.
  • The tow truck will transport your vehicle to the place of repair in exactly the same condition as it was at the time of the evacuation. An inexperienced car transporter can damage not only your vehicle but also your tow vehicle!

There is no doubt that a true friend will always be ready to help, but will it be the right and professional help? No matter how much we trust our friends, there are situations in which a professional will be able to provide more useful support. If your car is in trouble, it is best to call for roadside assistance for the SIA Rogenta Plus” tow truck that meets all of the above mentioned prerequisites for a good car towing service. SIA “Rogenta Plus” will provide transportation of your car, off-road towing, battery charging and other technical assistance on the road quickly and professionally.