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Sea Chef, Traditional Fishing In The North

Ángel León, a two Michelin-starred chef from Andalusia, brings us around Spain’s coast to discover unknown fish and cook it in a unique way1. This episode explains what traditional fishing is all about, and gives details about why fish is so expensive. We will learn the difference between traditional and commercial fishing. Catching one fish at a time differs greatly from catching thousands in a net. 2. We will sail from Pasajes, a traditional port and will catch white fish: sea bass and hake. 3. We’ll stop by Arzak’s Restaurant, where we will ask him for his black soup recipe, while chatting about cooking and life in general. Angelwill visit his colleagues at “A fuego negro,” a fun snack bar in San Sebastian, where they will prepare some original Hors d’oeuvres. 4. We will conclude the episode by cooking black soup at Andoni Luis Aduriz’s restaurant, Mugaritz (two Michelín stars)and enjoying a conversationwith the chef.

Warriors For Wildlife, Rangers Reserve

"Get up close and personal with a group of International recruits as they tackle one of the toughest training courses on the planet, in order to become the next generation of Anti-Poaching Rangers, and help save endangered species from extinction. This returnable series, shot on 4k UHD over 5 weeks in three remote South Africa locations, gains exclusive access and gets close to the action and under the skin of these young people who are prepared to risk their own existence, to save the world’s wildlife for future generations.The Recruits meet for the first time as Cape Town International Airport, they have flown in from all over the world. They are taken by mini bus to the vast Rangers Reserve high in the Western Cape Mountains. At the reserve they will have no contact with outside world, and undergo the first part of a torturous training regime to turn them into qualified Anti Poaching Rangers. Some will succeed and some will have their dreams shattered and not make it to phase two."

Social Fabric Leather Jacket

Japanese Punk (Tokyo, Japan): One manifestation of the leather jacket through the eyes of Japanese punk rockers. Jane Motorcycle Jackets (Brooklyn, NY): One perspective on the traditional motorcycle jacket as defined by Jane Motorcycles in Brooklyn. Jeff Hamilton Championship Jackets (Los Angeles, CA): Jeff Hamilton’s infamous Championship jackets of the 90’s.

Going Beyond Bangkok #2

We will visit the most incredible markets in Thailand. One of which is directly on the water ... And the second - on the rails of a fully-operating railway! Discover a teak factory, where Thai craftsmen make the most expensive wood products in the world. And in the end we'll ride on one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in Asia!

Flamenco Passion Heritage

Flamenco Passion dedicates this full episode to a dance company. It shows the best flamenco dancing on some of the main world stages: Andalusia Flamenco Ballet. We share in the twentieth anniversary of this public company with the show ‘Imágenes’ (Images), under the leadership of its current manager, flamenco dancer Rafaela Carrasco. The influences of the five managers who have guided the company over the past two decades are visible, with flagship flamenco dancers, including Mario Maya, María Pagés, José Antonio Ruiz, Cristina Hoyos and Rubén Olmo. Moreover, this collective group of flamenco ambassadors shares testimonies about managers, choreographers and dancers. Some of the performers from the company are currently international references. It is the living history of an art that they have turned into Intangible Cultural Heritage. This journey through time also pauses to contemplate some of the most beautiful sites of Andalusia with privileged footage of its heritage and history.

Blue World Shark's "Tonic Immobility" In The Bahamas + Diving With Nasa

In a shark-filled adventure, Jonathan travels to the Bahamas to meet Neal Harvey, a world-renown shark handler who will attempt to teach Jonathan how to put Caribbean Reef sharks into a relaxed state known as tonic immobility! Then, Jonathan heads to NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas (USA), where astronauts train for space walking underwater, in a giant pool about half the size of a soccer field. Jonathan gets a rare and fascinating look into this high-tech diving as he ventures underwater with the astronauts.

Singapore Jazz Festival, Taylor Mcferrin

3 concerts (Bad Bad Not Good, Taylor MCFerrin, Seun Kuti) filmed during the amazing Singapore Jazz Festival 2016Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer, Taylor McFerrin is the eldest son of famous jazz singer Bobby McFerrin. Things are getting serious when the label Flying Lotus, Brainfeeder, takes Taylor McFerrin under his wing for his first album. Facing a futuristic electro-soul, his album Early Riser which appeared in July 2014 among its guests Nai Palm, Emily King, RYAT, Robert Glasper & Thundercat and, on the track «Invisible / Visible». That shows the exceptional talent of this singer who delivers a breathtaking performance at the prestigious Singapore jazz festival, filmed by the Paramax Films team with movie cameras 4K!

Sea Chef Squid & Octopus

1. This episode will reveal the hidden world of squid and octopus. A huge family of ocean invertebrates with more than 700 different species. We will explain the various names used locally to describe each; Spain is known for its massive cephalopod fishing fleet. 2. We’ll learn all of the secretes from master cooking brothers from the Las Rejas’ restaurant on the beach of Bolonia (in Cadiz). We will set sail with them for some fishing. Then, we will go to a rocky area to catch other marine animals such as the greater amberjack and grouper; to facilitate the task, some of the squid we have caught will be used as bait. 3. Angel will prepare a recipe in Baelo Claudia with the help of a very special cook: the mother of these chefs and Angel’s teacher in the art of frying large fish.

Most Amazing Extreme Moments

Most Amazing Clips is back, now available in 4K! A carefully curated selection of our most visually appealing work all in incredible Ultra High Definition. These beautiful mini-productions will show you just how much detail you were missing before and allow you to see the world in a whole new way! Non-verbal and set to cool music, this is an eclectic mix of stunning scenery, spectacular action and bold performances, perfect for showcasing the very best screens money can buy!

Korean Cultural Expedition

Korean cultural heritage is universally recognized as exceptional and beautiful, but how do foreigners really feel about experiencing Korean heritage in person? Fabian Corbineau, a French model and actor based in South Korea, explores the Korea the real way in this story-doing documentary show.

Wild Instincts

Far from nature reserves and animal parks run by humans, Olivier Houalet, the cheetah man, guides us to discover our planet’s last wild paradises. To reach them, be ready to penetrate the most remote corners of the globe and enter an environment where nature is often unpredictable.A gripping encounter with our planet, in search of the last remaining animals that live in total freedom.

Two Views Of The World

Austria, as a center of Europe, is a cross point of politics, economy and culture alluring with Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert's melody. It is a journey of following the beauty of Austria with the world's famous photographers Gary Knight and Christoper Morris. You can experience beautiful moments of European culture with the white Alps, architecture of the Middle Age and the Vienna Boys´ Choir. Let's travel around the beautiful heart of Europe, Austria.

Lords Of Gravity

There are people who move the hearts of people with the trampoline, backboard and a basketball. It is the acrobatic basketball team. The acrobatic basketball is the sport which combines the acrobatics and basketball and sublimates in art, and the world’s best team ‘Lords of Gravity’ from Hungary is gaining much popularity. This team with 5 members had their first performance in Siberia, and continues in the US and Europe. They never miss a movement to leap higher and further to show their audiences the best within 30 minutes of the performance. They fly high wherever if a trampoline can be set and they could be together with audiences.

Singapore Jazz Festival, Bad Bad Not Good

The history of BadBadNotGood is irresistible: three young students in Toronto jazz, hiphop fans that are going through their incredible talent and experimentation reach within a few years their idols in the studio and build with them a natural bridge between two musical genres. This may be one of the greatest living jazz groups with a tasty mix of tradition melt with refined and sharp electronic hiphop. Bad Bad Not Good delivered their most radiant energy at the prestigious Singapore Jazz Festival, filmed by the Paramax Films teams with 4K Red Cameras!

At Home With Didiayer Socal Locale

Back in Calli' exploring new places and faces! We step out into Borrego Springs starry desert night and catch sight of a landscape defined by time and adorned with one man's extraordinary mythical sculptures.

Photo Number 6 Morocco

Fletch and Stig explore the diversity of this extraordinary North African country by journeying from Sea to Sand, beginning in the port of Essaouria, dominated by it’s fishing industry and fortress battlements and made famous by the television series Game of Thrones and ending in the magnificent Sahara Desert to meet Bedouin nomads and explore its vast emptiness and lush oases. Along the way they take in the vibrant tourist mecca of Marrakesh, sampling the culinary and sensory delights of this magical city. Then cross the High Atlas mountains on the road to Ourazazte to explore the Ksar’s and Kasbahs of ancient Morocco. Before embarking on a guided tour of one of the world’s film largest film making centres - the Atlas Film studios

At Home With Didiayer Northern California

"Exploring Northern California: Checking this one off the bucket list! Epic scenery produces lasting memories up here in the north-west. We learn the power of relaxation and nourishment at the Standford Inn and get a second-hand experience of immigrating into San Francisco."

Island Hunter Season Special

Island Hunter explores exotic island destinations around the world, and over the course of the season, we’ve come across a tremendous variety of luxury resorts and hotels, spas, and of course, restaurants. In this special episode, Island Hunter awards the “best of” awards in the following categories; best bar/lounge, best hotel/resort, best spa, and best foodie destination. With such a line up of exotic locales around the world during season 1, this is the one to watch out for; find out what Island Hunter awards as the best of in this episode!

Max Foodie Philippines Part 2

The story of cacao is more akin to South America, but in this episode, Sashi tracks the story of cacao in the Philippines, the entry point of cacao in Asia. With his friend, Spanish chef, Chele Gonzalez, they embark on an anthropological exploration tracing how the ancestral varietal cacao (crillio) came to be in the Philippine islands. Visiting farms to mystical islands, to top kitchens in Manila, this is the ‘never-before-told’ tale of cacao in the Philippine islands.

Global Barber Niagara_barber_co_usa

"The Global Barber" visits The Niagara Barber Co. in Niagara Falls, New York, USA to work with Owner - Brad Inzinga and his crew for the day performing cuts and shaves for the local businessmen and students. After the work day is done, Cedric and the Niagara Barber Co. crew all head over to Rock Burger for a taste of the biggest burgers they've ever seen!

Watch live 21:00 Endless Winter: Surfing Europe 01 Endless Winter: Surfing Europe 01

Mark crosses the Portuguese boarder and visits the home of the world’s biggest waves. Here, he learns how these 100ft walls of water sculpted the local culture before enticing the world's best surfers to descend on the Portuguese coast for the ultimate European surf challenge.Following in the footsteps of Europe’s surf pioneers, Mark also crosses the straight of Gibraltar and lands in Morocco, home to perfect waves and exotic new cultures. Here, he learns how Morocco’s hypnotic culture and perfect waves provided a traveling surfer’s playground in the 1970s.