TV programma - FunboxUHD (Skatītāju izvēle)

Izklaidējošs kanāls, kas piedāvā dažāda žanra raidījumus (sports, mūzika, izklaide, dokumentālas filmas) angļu un vācu valodā 4K kvalitātē.

Artemisia Gentileschi, Warrior Painter

A Woman Artist, a Warrior Painter. The first in the History of Art.

Culinary Heights

Martin Klein's culinary journey leads to the Spanish coast, where he meets his renowned colleague Quique Dacosta in the village of Dénia. Quique Dacosta has established an innovative new Valencian cuisine over the years. What sounds like a fairy tale career has come true for Quique Dacosta: Because as a teenager, he started working in the restaurant, which now bears his name, in the restaurant. He has been running the three Michelin star Quique Dacosta Restaurante since 2009. The rules there have been the same for more than 15 years: high quality products, perfect craftsmanship and respect for nature.

The Global Barber - Le Cartier Barbershop

The Global Barber tours Old Montreal in the thick of winter, while he's in town to work with the team at Le Cartier Barbershop in Downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Going Beyond

We will get acquainted with the island of Koh Chang! Hitchhike in one of the biggest extreme-parks on the island and we’ll have a lot of fun! We’ll meet friendly elephants and take part in a photo session! Then we’ll have a look at one of the coolest Thai boxing clubs and practice there with the masters of the sport.

Flamenco Passion

Flamenco Passion, dancer Pastora Galván evokes seven master flamenco dancers who have inspired the way she dances. Born into a renowned family of performers. Marina Heredia and Rocio Marquez offer their world premieres together with talented Antonio Canales. This episode boasts the benchmark for quality granted by a legendary last name: Amaya. Both the youthfulness of Karime Amaya and experience of Remedios Amaya—a favorite of legendary flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla—come together to offer their very best. Time will be dedicated to Seville’s Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world with its impressive minaret—the Giralda.

The Sea Chef

Sea Chef Episode 3 promotes awareness and sustainability. How many types and pounds of fish are thrown back to the sea? To what extent is useless fish useful? We will embark on a vessel heading for high seas to go fishing with Begoña. We will see all the fish that can be discarded and we will learn their names... But in this case, they will not be thrown back into the sea. Angel and Begoña will prepare and cook it all in the galley.

Skatīties 06:00 Barinia Barinia

Before Barinia sails from the traditional fisherman’s huts of Pellestrina, Narelle prepares a barbecue on deck to cook capesante, Chioggiotto fisherman style. Barinia then sails into Venice for an appointment that Narelle has with Renato - an old friend and head chef at the Cipriani Hotel in Casanova’s gardens. Then Berto, a friend (who happens to be gondolier) takes us off the beaten track through the canals of Venice, before we head to the Rialto markets to pick up some produce. We also visit old friends at the Squero - a gondolier repair yard that’s been converted into a private club.