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Канал предлагает увлекательные и инновационные программы, развлекающие и обучающие зрителей всех возрастных групп. Это возможность следить за популярными американскими сериалами и телешоу. Для части ТВ-содержания предусмотрена возможность выбора языка.

Смотреть архив Pasauļu karš S01E06

Episode 6. The alien’s connection to certain survivors raises difficult questions. Bill makes a startling discovery. Sacha’s behaviour is increasingly erratic. And Tom’s birthday proves cause for celebration. But at what cost?

Смотреть архив Staigājošie miroņi S07E14

The Other Side. The Saviors raid Hilltop unexpectedly, forcing Daryl and Maggie into hiding; they leave with Dr. Harlan Carson in tow to replace his now-deceased brother as their doctor. While sneaking into the Sanctuary on a suicide mission, Sasha and Rosita encounter Eugene and urge him to escape, but he refuses. Sasha then locks Rosita out, telling her to go back to Alexandria because the group needs her. As Sasha breaks into the Sanctuary to kill Negan herself, Rosita flees and notices someone watching her.

Смотреть архив Staigājošie miroņi S07E15

Something They Need. Tara leads the group to Oceanside in hopes of convincing the community to join the fight against the Saviors. Natania refuses to have her people fight, but ultimately allows Rick's group to take their guns. Sasha is held prisoner at the Sanctuary, where Negan tries to convince her to join the Saviors. She confides in Eugene and asks him for a way out; he gives her one of the poison capsules he made. Upon their return to Alexandria, Rick's group is greeted by Rosita, who after running into Dwight while fleeing the Sanctuary, reveals Dwight's intentions of helping take down Negan.

Смотреть архив Dzīve ēnā S02E03

Brain Scramblies. The vampires attend their first human Super Bowl party, while Guillermo's search for virgins uncovers a deadly threat.

Смотреть архив Outcast S02E06

Fireflies. Kyle’s family and friends mourn the aftermath of 205’s disaster – until a revelation from Reverend Anderson compels them to use Amber’s unique powers. Allison rejoins her family in Rome.

Смотреть архив Noziedzīgie prāti S11E21

Devil's Backbone. The BAU enters into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a convicted serial killer after guards at a Virginia prison intercept a package with evidence relating to the kidnapping of two boys several years ago. The team believes the notorious killer may have information on the boys' whereabouts.

Смотреть архив Noziedzīgie prāti S11E22

The Storm. Hotch is apprehended for suspected conspiracy and the BAU suspects a larger plot may be brewing.

Смотреть архив Simpsoni S15E05

The Fat and the Furriest. Homer becomes the laughing stock of the town when a wild bear humiliates him.

Смотреть архив Drošības aģenti v.a.i.r.o.g.s S05E13

Principia. The team goes in search of Gravitonium in order to save the world.

Смотреть архив Drošības aģenti v.a.i.r.o.g.s S05E14

The Devil Complex. Fitz and Simmons are faced with one of their greatest fears as they search for a way to seal the rift.

Смотреть архив Drošības aģenti v.a.i.r.o.g.s S05E15

Rise And Shine. Coulson uncovers General Hale's true agenda; it could be the end of the world if S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't help her.

Смотреть архив Drošības aģenti v.a.i.r.o.g.s S05E16

Inside Voices. Coulson is forced to team up with surprising allies to save the world, while the S.H.I.E.L.D. team attempts to track down and rescue him.

Смотреть архив Kvantiko S03E07

Bullet Train. The team is tasked with protecting a scientist who has developed a deadly technology that, in the wrong hands, could have devastating consequences to mankind. Meanwhile, Ryan and Shelby stumble on something personal of Alex’s that signals a possible change in her personal life.

Смотреть архив Nozieguma skelets S10E18

The Verdict in the Victims. Then, with only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, whom Brennan and Booth helped convict, the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to confirm Brennan's new suspicion that Rockwell may not have been responsible for those crimes.

Nozieguma skelets S10E19

The Murder in the Middle East. When a powerful member of the Iranian parliament kidnaps Arastoo to have him aid in a murder case, Booth and Cam head to Iran, and the rest of the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to help expose the killer. Meanwhile, Brennan learns the truth about Booth's growing gambling habit, and she turns to Aubrey for help to keep her and Christine safe from her husband's menacing bookie.

Смотреть 11:25 Kā es satiku jūsu māti S06E19 Kā es satiku jūsu māti S06E19

Legendaddy. When Barney finally meets his long lost father, he's disappointed when the man doesn’t live up to the myth.