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Small breasts become BIG - Fabulous!

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Breast augmentation surgery 2600 EUR
Breast augmentation surgery with especially light “B-LITE” implants 4300 EUR!
Breast correction operations - 15% discount!

Clinic of Dermatology (Dermatoloģijas klīnika), branch of Veselības centrs 4, offers a wide range of breast surgeries – breast gland lifting, enlargement or reduction.
Each case in individual. Experienced surgeons Nonna Tomiševa and Laura Liepiņa will help you find the most suitable method of surgery during the consultation.

A gift for each customer!
Cerederm cream – for scar reduction.
Easy to use gel CEREDERM is intended for the prevention and treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars. It has a long-lasting effect and will help heel scars after surgery.

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