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Latvian Forest Owners' Association is a non-governmental organization. one of the Society principles of openness, any forest owner may apply Society, to get acquainted with the basic documents and supporting contained therein principles and write an application to become a member. The association brings together both large and small private forest owners and commercial companies and local authorities, which own or legal possession of the forest. Latvian Forest Owners' Association's mission is to promote sustainable and economically efficient development of forestry in the Latvian building forestry activities in an environment where laws and regulations do not prevent a reasonable economic decision-making and public administration created a rational and efficient administrative procedures that impede business.
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Biedrību un nodibinājumu reģistrs, 22.09.2005
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Limbažu nov., Vidrižu pag., Bīriņi, "Ūdensdzirnavas", LV-4013
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