"JAUNLAGZDIŅI" ZS 0 Jaunlagzdiņi, Zentene, Zentenes pag., Tukuma nov., LV-3123
"Purva dzērvenīte" SIA 0 Baseini, Rucava, Rucavas pag., Rucavas nov., LV-3477
"Blomi" individuālā darba veicējs 0 Blomi, Vangaži, Inčukalna pag., Inčukalna nov., LV-2136

"Ice Berry" SIA 0

1. maija iela 38, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201
  • Berries, mushrooms
Credit history:
No registered negative cases
Crefo Score
"Ice Berry" SIA CrefoScore changes in last 7 days What is CrefoScore?

Index for assessing the probability of default risks (default of monetary obligations) for 12 months. The more CrefoScore, the higher the risk of insolvency.

The risk class reflects the likelihood of defaults in the next 12 months. All enterprises divided into 10 classes of risk. Served for quick decision making

Crefo Cert
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Objective, automated and easily interpretable - CrefoScore is a unique index that used to calculate the solvency of enterprises in order to study their compliance with the standards of the CrefoCert certificate.

Basic information
Ice Berry
Legal form:
Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību
Registration number:
Register, Included in The Register:
Komercreģistrs, 23.12.2009
Legal address:
Talsu nov., Talsi, 1. maija iela 38, LV-3201
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