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Attend the Winter Nights at the Zoo for only 3.00 EUR.

With Christmas time and New Year Eve approaching, it’s time for a great tradition

– Winter Nights at the Zoo. 

From December 20 to January 26 you are welcome to visit the Zoo in the dusk and find out more about animals' night habits.

Ticket offices will be open until 19:00, exhibitions until 20:00, and you will be welcome to take a walk in the Zoo until 21:00.

You can use this coupon from 20 December, 2019, to 26 January, 2020.

  • You can use this coupon at 16.00–19.00 purchasing the Zoo entrance tickets during Winter Nights event.
  • With one coupon, you can buy up to five Zoo entrance tickets.
  • Every user can print out any amount of coupons.
  •  You can show the coupon on the display of your mobile phone.
  •  Discounts do not sum up.

Welcome to the Zoo!

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